Tuesday, April 26, 2011


we had a beautiful Easter day.  after a week of rain and cold and even some snow, Sunday was full of sunshine and warmer temps.  the sun warmed my soul and i felt such joy in my heart for an amazing Savior, who's sacrifice I will never grasp but can only have a heart of gratitude for loving me so much. 

well after church, i decided Easter pictures were a must.  all of us. dressed up. at the same time.  such an occasion does not happen all that often.  i must document it.

a decent-ish  pic of all the girlies...... 

and then the not-so-great, read wildly unsuccessful attempt at a family pic:
the youngest two looking elsewhere and the second dd is pulling a "where's waldo"

hmm, another where's waldo and only 2 of the 6 of us actually looking at the camera

the last attempt... miss j can't help but point at the camera since we are telling her to look at it.
patience had worn thin and it was as good as it was gonna get. 
maybe next year.  (i wonder how many years yet i will proclaim this until we actually get a decent pic?)

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  1. OOOOHHHH! How pretty you all look in your happy shiny Easter smiles! Aunt Renee could stare at you AAAAALLLLL day!


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