Wednesday, April 13, 2011

all grown up

i think it's official.

my hubby is all grown up. 

he is now the owner of a suit.  like a for real matchy pin stripe spiffy suit. 

the occasion?  he officiated his second wedding last weekend. 

side note: the first time he officiated a wedding it was an outdoor wedding and more "casual" so he got away with just a tie and white shirt... well, and pants too of course ;)

but let's be real here.  a suit does not make you a grown up.  it just gives the appearance of being a grown up.  i just played kickball with him at youth group tonight and watched him slide tackle one of the students, kick dirt on one of the students and in general just be a total fun loving freak.  I have to say, I LOVE that about him.  I also think he looks hottt in his suit.  Best of both worlds is what I've got ;)


  1. Who's the hot chick standing there with your husband in his gwowed up suit?


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