Monday, August 22, 2011

Big Girl Bed

miss j is long overdue for a big girl bed. 

i was dragging my feet cause "if something ain't broke, then don't fix it."   (ie: if she doesn't climb out of the crib and she still fits inside of it without bending anything then let it be)

however, it was time. i conceded that a fully potty trained child should have access to a bathroom. and lo and behold, the week i started painting up her new bed she started climbing in and out of the crib. 

i broke out my old Holly Hobbie sheets for the occasion :) 
(THANK YOU Grandma D for saving them all these years! so happy!)  her quilt will be finished for Christmas or her birthday -don't quite remember which is the plan.  but it will be SPECTACULAR since my mom is lovingly making it for her.  (she rocks like that) 

she loves her bed and spends way more time up in her room playing now.  she is also quite fond of the new bed time ritual we have started of singing a song and praying with her before lights out.   amazingly, she also will still nap without much fuss and i have yet to tell her to get back in bed. 

the first night in her new bed:


  1. O! I love the big-girl bed! But I love the big girl in the bed even more! --Grandma D

  2. Holly Hobby sheets?? AWESOME!! I had a Holly Hobby purse that I loved to bits when I was little. :)


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