Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a dozen cousins

all 12 grandkiddos from my hub's side were here this summer all at the same time.

of course, grandpa and grandma thought that required pictures. 

of all of them.

at the same time.

to put in a frame.

on their wall.

(yep they're nuts)

my camera was supposed to be the one to get the "good" pic.  

i'm hoping that someone else's camera captured that illusive, semi-decent picture where everyone is looking in one direction at the same time with a smile, semi-smile, smirk, somewhat decent look on their face. 

even so, i love these pictures.  because that is where life is at right now, lots of beautiful little faces, looking in all different directions, taking in the world for all it offers, smiling when they want to, not cause someone tells them they have to. (or when their aunts are jumping around like crazy monkey's and hollering like hyenas behind the camera)

those were the best ones

this one makes me laugh out loud. for real. (hey that should be an acronym, lolfr. when something really does make me laugh out loud, not just something mildly amusing that may have made me smile.  or maybe it already is but i am so wildly behind the times cause i don't have my own cell phone and am completely inept at texting that i don't know it is already way overused and so last year) it's late, i should be in bed, excuse the rant

side note: i also edited a picture that i thought was pretty good and then realized after it was all done and i was about to edit it again a little differently (ya know, options to pick from) that one of them was missing completely from the picture.  hmm.  don't think grandpa would like a picture where one of his grandsons was MIA. delete.

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