Thursday, August 25, 2011

last shots of summer....

school has officially started.  and even though it's still warm and sunny there is a feel of fall in the air and summer is done. over. kaput. (can summer be kaput?)    insert big fat sad face. 

i feel a bit ill-prepared for this.  i still have some "back to school" shopping to do for my girlies and they are already back to school.  it's not that they are going to school neked or anything.  they have some shiny new things to wear and all of the necessary school supplies.  i just haven't finished my "list" for the first day.  no fresh new haircuts, shiny-cleaned-by-a-dentist teeth or new socks.

bummer, huh? 

oh well, life goes on.  the haircuts will come, dentist appointments have been made, and socks can be purchased at Wally world.

anyhoo, we did get a lot of fun beach time in this summer and made it to the pool, they had playdates and sleep overs (though not nearly often enough according to their standard)

some last shots of august beach and pool time:

safety first!

ignore the blur... there was a smudge on my lens :(

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  1. Wish we could have spent some summer days with you! We're starting to think about school here too but we are finally getting summer weather.


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