Tuesday, September 27, 2011

life is fine at nine

my oldest girly girl is 9 today.

i know it sounds so cliche' but my life changed so profoundly on this day 9 years ago i can't even find the words to describe it.   

my heart is filled with pride for her.  she is a beauty, inside and out.  she loves fiercely, is sensitive, funny, creative and genuine.  she is full of awesome. 

i recall the day she was born, i could not take my eyes off her.  for real, no matter who was holding her in that hospital room i could not stop staring at her.  she had a head FULL of black hair, sweet rosy cheeks and intense eyes already so alert, taking everything in.  

and now she looks like this:

still a head FULL of hair (just not black), still sweet rosy cheeked, and beautiful eyes (slightly different colors) that take everything in.

happy birthday sweetheart!

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