Sunday, October 2, 2011

i do not {heart} the cone of shame

so norman got into a little scuffle with the bathroom door.  a bathroom door and a 21 month old toddler who must slam all doors she finds open.  he didn't make it through in time. 

of course it happened as i was literally on my way out the door for coffeebreak. 

did you know dogs' tails bleed A LOT?  i do now.  my kitchen looked like a massacre had happened. 

i lost my brain in the chaos of it all but when i found it i finally put the profusely bleeding tail and it's owner outside.  so now there is blood all over my deck too. 

my amazing hubby to the rescue.  he raced home. helped me clean up.  took the dog to the vet (without a single blood stain in the van, thank you very much) and got me and girlies to coffeebreak only a half hour late ;) 

poor little norman.  he had to wear the "cone of shame" as we called it (quoted from the movie "Up" love that movie!) for a week.  he ran into everything. he took skin off the backs of my legs several times.  miss baby would hold up her hand and yell "no no no-man" whenever he came toward her cause she didn't want to get taken out by the thing. 

on a happy note, his entire tail is still intact.  they thought at first they would have to amputate the bottom few inches because they couldn't get it to stitch together.  they super-glued it instead and then kept him there sedated for a couple days so the bandage would stay on (it flung off whenever he got excited and wagged his tail).

but now the cone is gone and the bandage fell off soon after he returned home. as miss j tells everyone who comes over "norman all better now"  :) 

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