Wednesday, September 14, 2011

two dolla, two dolla, whaddya got for two dolla?

as i mentioned awhile back (here) i have fallen in love with "thrifting"   it helps with my desire to go shopping (alot) while keeping us on track in the budget (well, closer to the track instead of vearing waaaay off course over a steep ravine into a ginormous pit. drama much?) 

my rule of thumb: if i don't have an immediate place for it in my home and it's not on my list of "things to look for at the thrift store" i keep in my purse then i can't take it home. 

this past week i scored a few things that i want to share with you cause i am sooo excited about them that i have to show them off and hubby just doesn't get very excited about these treasures that i come home with.  imagine that.

i frequent our local thrift store pretty much every week and this past weekend was also our city wide garage sales. 

side note: i am a really bad garage saler.  i can't seem to make myself get up early and plan out a route to hit the best ones right when they open, etc...  i go when it's convenient (ie: hubby is home to take care of the kids) and i randomly drive around and stop at the ones that look interesting.

anyhoo, on to the treasures:

first, at a garage sale i scored this super cute cotton fabric = $2
2 yards will be plenty (hopefully) to sew a few matchy skirts for my girlies for next spring. (oh and they will be soooo happy to wear matching skirts.  bwaaa haa haa.)

next up is this vintage floral sheet set. = $2 
i'm debating on keeping it as an extra sheet set for miss j's bed or i have seen some very cute sewing projects with these types of sheets. (more skirts!)  i just love the colors.  i pondered on this one for quite awhile though.  it was at the thrift store and has been there for a good month or so.  each time i went in i would look at it, hold it, put it back.  this last time it came home with me.

OH. MY. oh my, oh my, ohhhhh  myyyyy.

vintage lawn game = $2  (apparently that is my "price"  $2? sold!)

my sisters and mom (well maybe my mom will think it's silly) will appreciate this one.  we had this game growing up. and here it is. BRAND NEW.  (our version as i remember it was totally faded out from being left out in the sun and most all the pieces were missing by the time i was old enough to figure out how to play it)

now in order for this to fall into my rule for bringing it home, i should take it out of the box and actually play it with my kids.

i haven't done that yet.  i just stare at it all nicely preserved in it's adorable vintage box and smile.

but i will.




and then we will pick it and put it right back in the box very carefully.

there was a whole pile of vintage games in pristine condition for only $2 each.  i picked up "racko" too. the box says 1966 on it but i neglected to take a picture of it. (LOVE that game and used to play it with my mom all the time) i made chad play no less than 12 rounds of it the very night i brought it home.  guess how many i won?


but i still love it.

and one more picture of fabulous "thrifty-ness" 
zinnias from my garden = free
blue jar = free from a local thrift store a long time ago (SCORE!)
yummy red tomato from my garden that is now in my tummy = also free 

free is an even better price than $2, no?

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Sweet Serendipity

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  1. Holy cow! The posey game! OK, I only remember faded yellow, green and orange. Seems like I've seen a yellow posey recently. I also recall that the stakes and the hoops served many other purposes. Weren't they first base and home plate(the clothes-line pole was second, the tree stump third) in our many games of whiffle ball involving a LOT of ghost runners?


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