Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2 down 2 to go

my second least favorite job as a parent (in first place is potty training):  teaching them to ride a bike. 
which is why i pretty much offed this job to dear hubby.  (hey, i do the potty training, so it's only fair right?)  i did attempt it a couple times but both of us ended up frustrated after about 2 minutes. 

but about a month or so ago girly #2 mastered her bike sans training wheels.  YAY!

a little play by play in pictures:
walk bike to top of driveway (downhill is easier for starting, right?)

there she goes!

turn around through the grass

oops, look out for the pine tree
and the neighbor's yard

smile for mom :)  so proud of you girly!

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  1. Yea!!!! Way to go Shannon.
    Thanks Mom for sharing such a great accomplishment.
    I think you will be saying "2 down and 2 to go" quite often over the next several years.


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