Thursday, October 13, 2011

pumpkin pickers

we took a quick trip to "Pumpkinland" a couple weeks ago.

here's the low-down via pictures:

the sun was setting as we arrived and it was beautiful
the older kiddos tried out the munchkin maze

she talked this kitty's ear off and all the other adorable animals in the petting zoo area
they checked out the llamas and goats and mini-pony (baby goats are SO cute! i want one)

then they were off to pick out their pumpkins.
the only rule:  you must carry your own pumpkin
the birthday girl picked a pretty big one

this was miss j's pick and her attempt to "roll" it out of the field
(kind of reminds me of those "mighty dog" commercials where those little yappy dogs think they are big tough dogs, ya know?)
she recruited a friend to carry one for her

my first attempt at a group shot of the girls
so we headed back to the main building to measure up.

Then... one more attempt at a girls group shot:

seriously?!? is it so hard to just get ONE decent picture?
yes. yes it is.
but the picture completely cracks me up (you have to find the humor in  life right?) miss baby is out of there as she has her eyes on all the things she can get into, number 2 is rolling her eyes to the heavens, the eldest is not paying attention and miss j is turned around pouting about something giving us a half moon. nice.

happy fall!

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