Tuesday, September 25, 2012

and friends are friends forever....

do you now have that Michael W Smith song stuck in your head?

your welcome.

we spent a day with some very good friends.  i have to say this special couple are amazing fantastical hosts and we really enjoyed spending time with their family catching up, relaxing, sliding down a giant slip and slide, eating yummy food and drinking yummy coffee drinks, the guys went golfing (took aaalllll afternoon) and the girls went shopping after dinner (honestly the fasting shopping trip to the mall i have ever been on in my life, only one store, as quick as i could get around it all and then back to their place) we also had a bonfire at night (after returning from said fastest shopping trip ever).

some of the day in pics:

ice cream break

the mom's spots for the afternoon

the gorgeous mountain view from their home
sigh, i miss this sight
so i asked my friend to take our picture while relaxing on their deck after dinner.... this is what happened.  my dear dear husband apparently lost all ability to take a normal picture.
Thanks guys for a wonderful day!

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  1. Totally laughing now! Thanks for sharing the fun pictures! And someday I may even forgive you for the swimsuit one! So glad you could come for a visit.

    Last night at girls group, we asked the girls if they could take a trip any place in the world where would it be? My daughter said, "IOWA!" What?? I think we need to study the world a bit more! I questioned her on it and it has to do with the road trip out there. It was a fun trip! So maybe we'll have to fulfill her dream trip sometime in the near future!


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