Wednesday, September 12, 2012



continuing on with Road Trip 2012. 

let me just say that i really really reaaalllllly love KOAs. and we don't camp.  (we really like the idea of camping, it sounds nice and fun and earthy and all, but the reality is:  we don't camp) and i may be just a smidge biased toward KOAs since i worked at one for my summer job through high school and college.

we stayed in Missoula at the KOA.  we rented a "deluxe cabin" (in other words, a cabin with everything included, so you can just show up with yourselves, your pj's and toothbrush and you are good to go)  it was awe. some. 

our adorable cozy cabin had a full bath, two bedrooms, main room with kitchen, fire pit, picnic table, grill, cable tv, and it was super duper clean.  awe. some. ness.

we arrived early and the cabin was already available.  (the staff there were super duper nice and helpful by the way)  the girlies and i hit the pool while chad crashed (remember he is "super driver" and had driven for almost 16 hours)  a thunderstorm rolled in and we got kicked out of the pool less than a half hour after getting in.  bummer.  so we went back to our cabin

the storm hit. it hailed.  chad slept.

post storm i took the kiddos to the playground and exploring around the campground.  the eldest was trying to spot as many different license plates as she could since she didn't seem to remember to look for them while on the road.  then we went back to the cabin and chad was up looking for us.  he took three girls back to the pool (that lasted all of three minutes because of another thunderstorm) and i took our eldest to the shopping center that was located right in front of the campground for some girl shopping time.  i also did a load of laundry to wash out miss j's car seat and clothes from her puking incident.

everyone got cleaned up, chad grilled some food we had packed along from home, the tractor came by and picked the kids up for hay ride (see KOAs are so fun, i tell ya.) 

these girls absolutely loved the campground and our cute cabin.

these two especially loved their cozy bunk room. 

we crashed while it was still light out.  chad and i slept out in the main room on the pull out couch (good thing we were so exhausted that lovely bar jamming into our backs through the mattress was not felt until the morning when we both woke up a little sore, ha ha)

the next day we had a great day of traveling.  we left Missoula by 8:45am and only had to make two stops the whole day (once for lunch and another for gas).  we arrived in Lynden by 5pm. i took zero pictures this day so just imagine sunshine and smooth sailing all day, yay!!!

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  1. This KOA looks amazing. I must keep this in mind next time we go a-traveling. Love reading all about your trip. Can't wait to read about the quickest shopping trip ever!!!


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