Thursday, September 27, 2012

We are Fam-i-ly

all my sisters, sisters and me. 

(apparently vacation posts require song lyrics as titles)

hanging out with the fam on vacation.........

lots of time on Grandma D's patio, coffee, knitting, reading, bubbles, relaxing.
hanging at my sisters.  my nieces and nephews are pretty awesome and despite the big age difference they entertain my kids and love up on them.  Miss J had Tonka pretty much wrapped around her finger ;)
my mom plays boccie ball twice a week so we went to cheer her on (for a few minutes and then the kids found the playground nearby)

we had a short lived bbq at the bay with extended family.  the one day we had yucky weather was the day we had this planned.  not to let a few raindrops hinder our plans we stuck it out for awhile but when the thunder and lightening came right over top of us we made a mad dash for the vehicles and headed back home. 
my family is completely normal.
and i love them :)

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