Sunday, November 7, 2010

8 is great

our oldest turned 8 this fall.... 

the lucky duck got to celebrate the whole weekend before her birthday.   first a trip to Chuck-E-Cheese with 3 friends and her sister, the next day lunch at her grandmas where we celebrated with extended family, and then finally her actual birthday where she LOVED that everyone at school kept wishing her a happy birthday allll day long.  (in fact when she went to bed that night she was so sad that the next day no one would tell her happy birthday)

she amazes me.  my firstborn. the one who made me a mom. (a priceless gift) i know as the oldest we put high expectations on her and sometimes push her to grow up quickly.  but oh my dear daughter please don't grow up too fast.  i love how creative you are, always thinking up new crafts and stories to act out.  i love how sensitive you are to others around you.  you have such a soft heart.

trying out the new roller blades she got from us and sporting her birthday crown from school :)

i love you my sweet girl, may God bless you beyond measure this next year.

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