Thursday, November 4, 2010

9 months

here is miss baby at 9 months....

not remembering much for milestones.  i know her shirts were getting less dingy and dirty and i scrapped the idea of sewing on microfiber cloths to the fronts in order to clean my floors.  that must mean she started crawling consistently up on all fours instead of slithering around like a snake ;) 

she is a champion eater  (at her 9 mo well baby check she was just over 20lbs, so yeah, she's got the eating thing down) LOVES bananas, likes pears, cheerios, those "puffs" (have you ever tried those? gaaag)  she will eat pretty much anything but if it is something that is not her fave (ie: anything in the vegetable group) she either waves her hands around, effectively knocking the offensive food off the spoon, or cries between bites, yet still opens her mouth when the next bite comes.  it's like she's hoping the next one will be better and then cries when it's not. 

she graduated to the high chair (so miss j is now on a regular chair) cause she was "walking" the bumbo around by pushing off with her legs, not so much a safe thing up on the kitchen island even if we are standing right there (one mighty push and she would be a-flyin').  she pulled herself up to standing.  and she is just the sweetest, cutest, cuddliest, kissiest, squishiest baby ever. :)  (besides my other 3, of course)

a few other pics of her from this month...

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