Thursday, November 11, 2010

simple thanks

yesterday was a first for me as a mom. 

i.  the mom.  the one who cleans up after them every day just so everything can get messed up again 5.6 seconds later.  i was thanked for a particular task, that i do believe i have never been specifically thanked for before.   you see, i was scrubbing the toilet yesterday and miss j came walking in. 

miss j: "what doing mommy? what doing?"  
me:  "i'm cleaning"
miss j: "you clean potty?"
me: "yes, i clean the potty"
miss j:  "oh thank you mommy, you clean my potty, thank you!"

be still my heart. really.  my 2 year old just thanked me for cleaning the toilet.  maybe now that it is clean she'll be willing to use it. ;)

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