Tuesday, November 23, 2010


some props for myself:

halloween party starts at 6pm
i start getting everyone ready at 5:30pm with no plan as to what each will wear. 
end up with 4 cutie patootie girls dressed as a 50's girl (thanks Daisy and Marissa!), a flower girl (same as last year, struggled with this one cause she has outgrown most of her dress up stuff), a butterfly princess and a miami dolphins cheerleader.
we make it to the chaotic tangle of sugar induced hyperactive kids, strollers, and parents party shortly after 6pm.  woot!

good times people, good times.  as we were leaving both chad and i breathed a sigh of relief and said "well that's done for the year. a whole 364 more days until we have to do that again." : D

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  1. Such adorable cutie patooties!! How fun for you and Chad. What great memories.


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