Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I {heart} summer...

Summer is my favorite season by far...

recently I took a quiz on Facebook that said my ideal state to live in is Hawaii. i wish that were a reality! but i enjoy the summers in iowa as they are hot and sunny (although the bugs, wind, scary thunderstorms/tornados i could do without) I do miss some things about WA summers... my favorite flower is hydrangeas and they just don't grow well out here. My MIL gave me a hydrangea that is hardy to iowa and though it stays small and the blooms aren't like the big blue ones in WA it still brings me joy and a taste of "home" each summer.

another thing i miss about WA summers is strawberry season. there are a ton of berry fields in the area i grew up and my parents grew berries for several years as well. my mom makes the best freezer jam, each time i go to visit her i make sure to have some. but chad's grandma stopped by yesterday and dropped off a little box of fresh strawberries from a local field! yay! they are already gone :) i am hoping to go out to this farm and pick some more myself and try to make my mom's recipe for jam.

one more thought about summer... i LOVE to sit outside and soak up some sun. i love listening and watching my kids play in the kiddie pool. i finally got the pool out yesterday and my girls were out there ALL afternoon. they even performed a "water show" using the pool noodles, that was quite humorous. so fun. :)

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