Saturday, July 18, 2009

love multiplied

ya know, i heard a saying a few days ago about how a mother's love is not split between her children when a new baby comes along, rather it is multiplied. i am so grateful to my girls that they have expanded my heart 3 times (soon 4! halfway there!) it is so true, i feel like when i am pregnant, i am thinking, how am i going to love another one as much as i already love the ones i have right now? and then... the next one comes along and yep, no question, love at first sight, and my heart has multiplied again. so bring on the babies, cause i want a huge heart! (okay just kidding, i think this 4th will be just enough, lol) anyway, a sappy post today cause that is just the kind of day it is :)

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  1. I love sappy. As a great-grandmother now, I look back to when my love was multiplied by my four girls. What wonderful memories I have as will you when they are all grown and such good wifes, mothers and friends and you know that you and God have a lot to do with the people they are. Don't you just wish that all the children had someone to love them as you love yours.


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